Patheway Ministries

"Elijah created an engaging visual flow to my website that is not only appealing, but effective at leading people to find what they want and keeps them engaged with my website. This resulted in people spending more time on my website and coming back to my website more often...which is exactly what I was hoping for"

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Fy High! ESL

"I would very highly recommend Elijah Mock as a highly skilled web development expert. He has a thorough knowledge of coding and design, and his work exceeds expectations. Elijah brings his own creative ideas to the project, and the website is greatly improved by implementation of these ideas. Very professional and detail oriented, great guy to work with!"

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Karlabickel Stories

"Elijah helped me make improvements to my web site, efficiently and professionally. He suggested a good solution to improve the speed of my website while still keeping the code as understandable and data-driven as it was before. He also helped improve the styling to my satisfaction, in a way that I could understand his changes after he was done."

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