My Projects

Browse some of my past work, both for clients and for fun

Patheway Ministries

I helped out Jeff by creating a Wordpress website for his non-profit organization that offers coaching and interim pastor services. I helped work on his logo and find many stock photos for the site. 


  • Appointment booking service
  • Image carousel
  • Testimonials page with images and quotes
  • PayPal link
  • Stock photos
  • Custom colors, layout, and logo


Fly High! ESL

I created a brand new site for Debbie Cassels' tutoring service using Wix. I helped customize her logo and we talked over Zoom about the specifics that she requested for her site, some of which are listed below.


  • Appointment booking service
  • Stock photos
  • Customized logo
  • Email collection form
  • Custom colors and design


Karlabickel Stories

Joel Klein was helped by converting his site from using mustache.JS to a more manageable PHP site, which programmatically extracts JSON data about stories with summaries, audio, and text representations. Optimized for a 50% page load speedup and updated old, deprecated HTML.


  • Converted Mustache.JS code into PHP
  • Data management (JSON)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Updated deprecated HTML
  • Mobile viewport support


Links to live sites omitted for client discretion.


This is a fun game I made in Node.js that is a competitive, multiplayer game. It is kind of like Cookie Clickers mashed with Kahoot, if you've heard of those. Multiple people join with a game code and can attack each other, trying to win the most money.

Technologies used

  • Node.js
  • Express
  • PostgresSQL
  • Websockets
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The Switch

The Switch is a random thing I built that tests various technologies to form a virtual switch that you can switch on from anywhere in the world, and it will update on everyone else's devices simultaneously. For instance, you can flip The Switch on your phone and see it update real-time on your computer.

Technologies used

  • Vanilla PHP
  • mySQL
  • AJAX
  • Session cookies
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Small JS Projects: Balls Bounce and MadLibber

These are two small Javascript projects I made. One is a basic physics simulator with balls and the other is a word game that makes stories out of words you put in.

Technologies used

  • Javascript
  • Canvas API
  • URL Query
  • LocalStorage
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Arduino project: Cat feeder

An Arduino is a small programmable microcontroller. I used a microcontroller similar to an Arduino that has wifi to create an automatic cat feeder. When plugged in, the sketch connects to wifi and posts to a database that it is online. It then gets the real time from an API I used and calculates when the cat will need to be fed next. Then, it waits until it is the time of day to feed the cat, and it dispenses a measured amount of food through an auger and then posts success to the database.

Technologies used

  • ESP8266 microcontroller
  • ESP8266 WiFi
  • Transistor as relay
  • PostgresSQL
  • API with POST/GET and query security